Wrapped in My Loving Abba’s Arms

Friday Evening 8:00 PM:

As Tish finished speaking, my eyes already brimmed with tears; just ready to spill over the edge. But I needed to wait – to wait until I reached my room. I couldn’t let the others see me vulnerable. Not yet. My vulnerability must be saved for Jesus alone. Only He would understand.

I couldn’t make my way fast enough to my room. I just wanted to be alone. Alone with Jesus.

Prior to going on this personal retreat, I half-jokingly told my family and friends I had a date night set with Jesus. Yet on my knees, bowed over the bed, my tears began to flow and my body shuddered between sobs. So desperate was I to dispose of my burdens. Shed my responsibilities. To be free for just one evening from the care of others and become a child again. A child wrapped in my loving Abba’s arms.

As my body wracked with sobs, emptying my burdens through deep cleansing tears, I invited Jesus in to fill every crevice of my soul.

With face buried in the covers of my bed and knees bent in humble submission to Him, the wracking subsided and my body began to loosen up. The tension faded. First from my arms. Then from my shoulders. And finally, my neck and head became heavy and relaxed. My breathing became rhythmic and deep. A gentle peace settled over and around me.

Before long, an image appeared in my mind.

Big strong, masculine arms wrapped around my frail body. A protective, yet warm encompassing feeling spread throughout me. I pictured myself snuggling in closer to the breast of the One who held me. Like a child seeking refuge and comfort and safety in the lap of her father and his warm embrace, I craved a nurturing and loving hug.

I felt a large calloused hand gently touch my forehead and brush my bangs to one side. A playful caress swiped across my cheek tucking the loose strands of hair behind my ears before His strong, but tender, finger traced the tear-stained streaks on my cheeks wiping away the last tear.

Once I was settled upon His lap, He invited me to rest for the night in His arms. He promised to hold me while I slept and dreamed of Him. He vowed to protect me and take my cares and worries from me for this night.

My body relaxed even more. I nestled in a little tighter.

A transcendent peace lapped throughout my soul, and I knew – for this night – I would rest in the arms of my loving Savior.

Tomorrow would be another day. A different day. But for this night, I was to rest and be loved.

I must allow my tensions, worries and responsibilities to unravel like a ball of twine until my core is exposed. Then it will be ready to mold and shape into something new. But that is for tomorrow.

For tonight, I’m safe and secure. At rest. At peace. Wrapped in my loving Abba’s arms.

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28, HCSB)

This is a journal writing taken from my 24 hour personal  retreat Slow Dance with Jesus. I purposely left out any pictures because I wanted you to envision the scene and perhaps place yourself in the arms of our Savior.We all need to be hugged by Him from time to time.

I spent the entire 24 hours hanging out with my Jesus, my Abba. During this time I became like a little child again exploring the world through His eyes. Stay tuned – I have more to share in the upcoming weeks.

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