Nature’s Spectacular Light Show

I LOVE DAWN – the early hours when the sleepy world awakes. I see many beautiful sunrises as I head east to work each weekday morning . This morning, however, would prove to be more spectacular than most. In fact, the sunrise was the most beautiful I had ever seen.

It was early morning. The brisk winter air filled my lungs and nipped my nose as I stepped out my front door to head to work. After climbing into my car, I turned the heat up to take the chill off, backed out of my driveway, and began the 45 minute drive.

After a rainy night, the temperature had dropped below freezing. The clouds disappeared and the sky was dark, but clear. Moisture from the rain covered the world in an icy blanket. Ice droplets clung to trees, grass, weeds, and fence rows.

At first, it was hard to see and I didn’t pay much attention. But as the orange sun crested the horizon, its golden rays hit the ice covered canvas and the world lit up like a giant Christmas wonderland.

Tiny white and orange lights twinkled everywhere. They  twinkled on tall grass and weeds along the edge of the road. They beamed brightly on the sparse, tree-like brush that sprung up like sentinels every few hundred yards. Trees covered with a million sparkling lights appeared one right after another.

Even the fences rows looked like someone had strung rope lights from post to post.

Mesmerized by the glistening landscape, I stopped several times to take pictures. I tried to capture the magnificent beauty , but the camera lens could not do it justice.

I rejoiced all the way to work that cold winter morning. I praised God for His goodness and love. I thanked Him for the special gift He gave me during my drive.

By the time I arrived at work, the sun had climbed high enough in the sky that it’s rays didn’t shine at the correct angle any more. When I stepped from my car, the light show ended.

The beauty of that morning remains etched in my mind forever. I will never forget nature’s spectacular light show.

“The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.” (Psalm 65:8, NIV)

Prayer:¬† Lord, You are all around us. You are with us every second of every day. You long to bring us joy through Your creation. May we keep our eyes ever watchful for the blessings You give us. May we praise Your Holy Name and give You honor and glory. We don’t deserve all that You provide. May we humbly come before You with thanksgiving. We love You, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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