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Pain Control

THE PAIN WAS INTENSE.  My heart hurt.  I would have given anything to take it from her.    All I could do was pray for relief and help her get her medications regimented.

                This past week, my mom had full knee replacement surgery.  While in the hospital, she was given a pain drip which she could activate every 15 minutes.  She was also given pain pills.  Her energy level was good, and her physical therapy sessions went well.

                On Wednesday, the day Mom came home, she had physical therapy in the morning and early afternoon.  She was released from the hospital around 3:00 pm.  On the way home, Dad and Mom stopped to pick up her medication from the pharmacy.  I met them at their home to help get her inside and situated.  By Wednesday night, all the physical exertion of therapy, getting in and out of the car twice, and maneuvering up the steps and into their home had taken its toll on her.  Her pain had increased to an almost intolerable level, and we were not quite sure how to get it back under control.  The prescription pain reliever was just not doing the trick.

                Finally, later that evening, I read the release documents and found where Tylenol could be supplemented every 6 hours in between the prescription meds.  So, using my phone, I set the alarm during the night and made sure she took a pain tablet at each allowed interval.  Neither one of us slept much.  By morning, however, her pain was bearable and much easier to tolerate.  Before I left for work, we had a schedule figured out. She set her own alarm at the appropriate intervals to remind her to take her medicine.  By evening, with her regimented schedule and her alarm to remind her, Mom was well on her way to healing without the unbearable pain.

                Many of us have had experience with pain.  Emotional pain.  Unlike my mother’s physical pain, where medicine was prescribed to alleviate the hurt, emotional pain is not treatable with drugs.  We may attempt to mask our pain with various remedies, but the only remedy that will heal our hurt is not found in the things of this life.  Our emotional pain can only be healed by the Great  Physician, Jesus Christ.

                If you are struggling with emotional pain, let me suggest regimented doses of scripture and prayer.  Spacing them intermittently throughout your day will help to ease your pain.  With 24/7 access to the Great Physician, relief can come even in the wee hours of the morning.  I can’t promise you the pain will be removed, but turning your attention to Jesus will help bring the pain under control.

                Jesus hears your prayers.  He sees your tears.  Seek His face and healing hands.  Allow the soothing words of scripture to seep into your gaping wounds.  Scripture and prayer are the balm for your hurting soul.

“I have heard your prayer and seen your tears;  I will heal you.” (2 Kings 20:5, NIV)

Prayer:   Dear Lord, We come to You with hands lifted up; praising You for who You are.  We are thankful that You feel our hurt.  You see our pain.  You cry with us and hold our tears.  When we hurt, You have the prescription for relief from our pain.  May we come to You for strength.  Help us to place our struggles in Your hands and feel confident that our wounds will be healed.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile and Dodgerton Skillhause.