Trust Me

“THIS PICTURE REPRESENTS ME,” I announced from the podium.  In my hand was a picture of a spider preparing to eat the bug caught in its web.

                “I am the bug and Satan is the spider.  For the last couple of weeks, while trying to prepare for this talk, Satan has continually put obstacles in my path.  Or…perhaps it has been God.  For God knew that if I had time to write and prepare the message, I would try to control my talk and not speak what He wants this group of precious ladies to hear.  Each one of you has been hand-picked by God to be here today, and He has a message just for you.  It may not be in the words that I say, but sometime during this weekend, He will connect with you in a special way.”

                It was an honor this past weekend to speak to a group of ladies at the Agape Christian Church women’s retreat.  We had an enjoyable time and all were blessed.  God spoke to each one of us in different ways.  Some through the words of the speakers.  Some through the fellowship with friends.  Some through the activities planned.  God spoke to me in all those ways, but most of all through the preparation of my talk.

                Because of time constraints and things happening in my life, I only had time enough to jot down a few scriptures and a couple of quotes.  A couple of days before the retreat, God shared with me through a thought how my talk would end, and I had come prepared for that.  At the last minute, while doing an activity at our tables, He revealed how I should start my talk.  And from there, I had to trust Him for the words that flowed in between.  As I spoke, I was surprised at times the direction my talk went.  I spoke about experiences in my life that I had not planned on sharing.  Yet the words that came forth took me down that path, and I knew God had a reason to go there.

                In Matthew, as Jesus prepares the twelve Apostles for their mission, he instructs them not to worry about what to say or how to say it.  He tells them that the Holy Spirit will intercede and speak in their behalf.  The Apostles were to trust their heavenly father for direction and words.

                When I finished my talk, I had several come to me and tell me I did a great job.  A few shared they were touched by my message.  I wish I knew what I said, because if I were asked to tell it again, I would not be able to.  I can’t remember.

                God said, “Trust me.  Allow me to use the words from your mouth.  Be my vessel.”

                I trusted God, and He alone provided the message.  I was merely the instrument He used.

“…do not worry about what to say or how to say it.  At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”  (Matthew 16:19-20, NIV)

Prayer:  Dear Father, thank You for allowing me to be Your instrument.  Thank You for giving me the courage to trust You.  Thank You for forcing me, by allowing time constraints, not to interfere with what You wanted the ladies to hear.  Help me to always make myself available to do Your will.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.