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Thank You Christian Devotions

I MET CINDY SPROLES at the 2014 Write-to-Publish conference in Wheaton, Illinois a little over a year ago.  She was my instructor for the devotion writing class.  Cindy’s personality and teaching style made me feel at ease and right at home.  Her method for writing devotions followed the Hook, Book, Look, Took format.

Hook – Catch the reader’s interest with a brief story or shocking statement.
Book – Declare your key point or theme and your interpretation of the passage.
Look – Present the big picture and offer a practical application.
Took – Lead to a decision, offer an action statement.  Challenge the reader to change.
(I have used this method over and over again when writing devotions.)

Cindy Sproles and Eddie Jones are the cofounders of Christian Devotions online website,  They publish online devotions seven days a week.  Each day has a particular emphasis.  Devotions are chosen and published according to their content based upon the category for the day.

Authors from all experience levels are welcomed to submit devotions for publication.  The devotions are reviewed and assigned a day to be published.  The author is encouraged to share the date with their friends, family, co-workers, on FaceBook and other social media sites.  Their belief is a devotion may be someone’s only Bible.

When I left the conference, I was so excited about the possibility of being published.  Within a month of returning home, I had submitted my first devotion to Christian Devotions.   It was published on October 5th of that year.  Since then, I have had ten devotions published with today being my eleventh.

When my devotions are published, I compare what I submitted to what is published in order to learn how to write better.  Some of my devotions have had major editing, but others only a word or two has been changed.  With each published devotion, my writing becomes better.

As my devotions continue to be published, doors have opened for me.  I was asked to contribute a story to Yvonne Lehman’s book Spoken Moments which was released this past spring.  I will have two stories in her next book, Christmas Moments 2, scheduled to be released this fall.  All proceeds from both books go to the mission work at Samaritan’s Purse.

I also landed my first paid devotion assignments because of being published on Christian Devotions.  Not only had I met Craig Bubeck, a representative of Light from the Word at the conference, but when I was approached about writing for them, I was able to send them to Christian Devotions as a reference for my work.

As I continue to improve my writing skills, I will forever be grateful for the time and consideration the Christian Devotions staff has given me; especially as a new writer getting my feet wet for the first time.  Cindy was instrumental in helping me start my platform as a writer.  She took interest in my devotions.   She is so busy, yet she takes the time and has a heart for beginning writers.

Thank you, Cindy, and the entire Christian Devotions staff.  You truly are God’s hands and feet bringing hope to those who thirst for the knowledge of God.

To read my devotion Whom Do You Trust? published today, September 22, 2015, on Christian Devotions, please click

If you happen upon this blog at a later date, then click the link to the website.  Select the Author List category at the top of the page, and find my name Sheryl Baker and picture.  When you click on my name, a list of all of my published devotions will appear.  You may read the devotions by clicking on the titles in this list.

Photo courtesy of Christian Devotions.

Hook, Book, Look, Took method taken from the Christian Devotions Writing Guidelines.