I Paused to Ponder Life Today

I paused to ponder life today,
A friend of mine has passed.
I stood beside her casket,
She looked at peace – her pain was gone at last.
Our lives are but a moment,
Our breath is but a whisp.
Have we focused on what’s important?
Or is there something that we’ve missed?
I know my friend’s in heaven,
Because of the life she lived.
Her eyes were on her Savior,
Her life a testimony for Him.
Will you pause to ponder life today?
Look back on where you’ve been?
Will you seek His face, His words, His ways?
Or get lost in all your sin?
Our Father calls us to Him.
His love is so much more
Than anything the world can offer.
It’s so worth running toward.
So when life seems to falter,
And you wonder why you’re here.
Remember your Father loves you.
He holds you close and near.
Reach for His hand.
He’s beside you.
He’ll carry you through your day.
When you keep your eyes on Jesus,
He’ll lovingly guide your way.
Look to the One who created you,
Tell others about His ways.
Share Him with those around you.
Will you pause to ponder life today?
by Sheryl M. Baker – In rememberance of my friend Mary Helmuth.

4 thoughts on “I Paused to Ponder Life Today

    1. Thank you, Toni. I love you, too. Even though we don’t see each other or talk often, I know you are there in my life and spiritual hug away.

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