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Wrapped in God’s Peace

ON THE EVENING OF SEPTEMBER 26TH, I returned to the surgery waiting room after eating supper. My husband had been in surgery about an hour and still had several to go. He was finally getting his new kidney, and I was so excited.

Finding a seat with a foot stool, I kicked my feet up and draped a light blanket across my lap settling in for the remainder of the surgery. With earbuds snuggly in place, I rested my eyes and listened to praise music. A warmth and peace flooded my soul as I relaxed in God’s goodness. About 4 songs in, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

When I opened my eyes, the registration lady was standing beside me. I could see her mouth moving, but couldn’t hear what she was saying.  I removed my earbuds and she repeated,

“The doctor needs to see you right way.”

I remember thinking It’s nowhere near time for the surgery to be complete.

I quickly stood and followed the lady to the front of the room where the doctor, still in surgical garb, stood waiting for me. One look at his eyes and facial expression told me something was wrong. Despite an uneasiness of what I might be facing, I felt a surge of peace shoot through my soul.

I knew I was in God’s hands.

I prayed a short prayer as I was ushered into the consultation room. The doctor explained there were complications with the new kidney, and he was not sure what to do. Since this was a first for the him, there were a lot of questions.

One by one, questions systematically tumbled into my head as we discussed all aspects of what the outcome would be if the transplant did not go through. From the possibility of my husband losing his place on the transplant list, to whether I should follow through with my surgery to donate one of my kidneys the following morning. Would my husband still be able to do dialysis in the manner he was accustomed to, and if I had my surgery, could the hospital supply my husband’s dialysis fluid he needed while I recovered.

Each question I asked came out calm and collected – almost like it had been rehearsed. As the doctor and I discussed each one, I knew whatever decisions I made, God was with me and He would oversee the next few days.

So taking a deep breath, and with full faith and confidence in God, I told the doctor not to transplant the kidney.

One of the praise songs I listened to that night in the surgery waiting room was “I Got Saved” sang by Selah. As I listened to the words of the chorus over and over in my head, I felt wrapped in God’s peace. It seeped into every crevice of my soul.

I’m undone by the mercy of Jesus.
I’m undone by the goodness of the Lord
I’m restored and made right.
He got a hold of my life,
I got Jesus,
How could I want more?

Because of the strength I received from the words to this song, I was able to face what lay ahead for my husband and I with a reassuring comfort.

After all…I had Jesus. I could not want more.

“The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” (Psalm 29:11, NLT)

Prayer:  Dear Lord, each of us have our own road to walk. We are each faced with different experiences, circumstances, life lessons, and challenges. Because of Jesus’ great sacrifice, we can lay these things at the foot of the cross, accept Your mercy and grace, and move forward in life with You by our side. As we remember the sacrifice You made on our behalf, may we remember Your never-ending love for us and grow a little bit closer to You today. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS:  Have you ever felt wrapped in God’s peace? What did it feel like? Please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comment section below.