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Spiritual Lesson #4: Peritoneal Dialysis – The Transfer Set

The Transfer Set

shutterstock_308396138.transfer set.henrik dolle#3The transfer set is the piece that connects the catheter (abdominal tube)  to the dialysate bag. It allows the dialysate to flow into the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen where it will dwell for a specified period of time.  During the dwell time, the dialysate fluid pulls toxins out to of the blood and into the fluid.  After the dwell time is complete, the transfer set allows the toxin-filled fluid to flow out of  the peritoneal cavity through the catheter into a drain bag where it can then be eliminated.

shutterstock_308389937.transfer set tip.henrik dolleDuring my husband’s training, the nurse taught him step-by-step sterilization techniques while connecting and disconnecting the transfer set.  She stressed the importance of following each step in a specific order to keep germs from entering the uncapped tip of the transfer set.  By following the sterilization procedures,  the chances of becoming infected are decreased significantly.

What my husband didn’t remember learning, however, were instructions about the care of the  opposite end of the transfer set.  The fitting that connects to the catheter coming from the abdomen.  One evening, after refereeing a basketball game, my husband started to change his clothes when the transfer set fell to the floor.  The fitting that connected the transfer set to the catheter had become loose.  Fluid from his abdomen began to leak out of the end of the catheter.  He grabbed an emergency clip and clamped off the catheter.  He then cleaned the end of the catheter and placed a sterile bandage around it. When the catheter was cleaned and fluid stopped, my husband called his nurse.  Needless to say, we spent the next several hours in the emergency room while IV’s with antibiotics were administered to my husband and a new transfer set was secured.

Spiritual Lesson Learned

Staying  connected is vital.  If the tip is not carefully cleaned and kept sterile, or if the fitting is not checked several times a day, germs can get in and cause infections.  Where fluid flows out, germs can sneak in.

Our spiritual lives are like that, too.  If we don’t maintain our connection to God through prayer, worship, and reading scripture, we leave ourselves open for Satan and his cohorts to sneak in and infect us. Before long, it becomes harder to eliminate the infectious thoughts that enter and camp inside our minds.  Our behaviors and words begin to draw us away from focusing on God.

To guard against Satan’s attack, we can preform step-by-step procedures each day to insure our connection to God is secure.  Immersing our minds with scripture, singing or listening to praise songs, setting aside time to pray – all of these contribute to providing a sterile environment that allows for a healthy and vibrant relationship with our Savior and those around us.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Philippians 4:8, NIV)

Prayer:  Dear Father, Help us stay connected to You.  We have learned that reading scripture, worship, and prayer ensure spiritual health.  Let us fill our minds daily with Godly things thus keeping the enemy from finding a way in to infect our thoughts and actions.  We love you Lord.  We want to live only for You.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Final lesson to come…Spiritual Lesson #5:  Resisting Treatment
Photos courtesy of shutterstock and Henrik Dolle.