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Night Chorus – Repost from March 2016

shutterstock_191982590.B Calkins.wormTHE PUNGENT SMELL of wet earth assaulted me when I opened the door.  As I stepped from my car onto the wet pavement, I glanced down careful not to squish the long bulging brown creatures inching their way toward the edge of the pavement.  The saturated ground had brought them out in droves filling their holes with muddy water.


hawk_owl.hotblackDown the street, the neighbors’ dogs barked at the sound of the car door closing.  In the distance, the faint sound of a coyote’s howl drifted through the damp night air.  An owl’s melancholy “hoo hoo” occasionally punctuated the evening serenade.

But the most delightful sound of all was the frog chorus arising from the surrounding ponds.  Winter’s snow had melted early filling pond brims to overflowing.


The milder temperatures warmed the water enticing millions of frogs to gather and chirp their spring song repertoire throughout the night and into the early morning hours before finally closing their eyes in slumber.  Their cacophony of voices brought back childhood memories of summer evenings lying in bed with the window open listening to the sounds of twilight.

God’s creation sings constantly. If you still yourself long enough, you can hear its song.  Especially at night when the hustle and bustle of the man’s world clocks out and goes home at the end of the day.  In the days to come. I encourage you to seek these tranquil sounds. Spend some time this spring appreciating nature’s chorus.

“Let all creation rejoice before the Lord,” (Psalm 96:13, NIV)

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for giving us sounds and ears to hear them. You delight our senses with the melody of creation.  Let us take pleasure in those sounds and rest long enough to hear them.  In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

Photos courtesy of shutterstock Francis B, and morguefile hotblack.